Simple Holiday Meal Options from Boston Market

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"Rebecca, Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends but it also can be a little stressful for those that are hosting. I hear you have some tips to help make it easier."

"Absolutely, we have a couple different meal options at Boston Market. The one you're looking at today is our turket dinner for twelve. In this turkey dinner, you get apple pie, pumpkin pie, all your side items, rolls. You get a complete meal. This is our heat and serve option. You'll pick this up in the restaurant chilled, take it home heat it up and in about 90 minutes you'll have it on your table."

"That honestly looks so good and a lot of food there. So what other options do you have?"

"Yes the other options that we have is a catering option where you can go online to Boston Market and customize your own meal plan. What you'll get with that is you'll actually have Boston Market come into your home and set up a holiday buffet for you. It starts at about $10.29 a person. Its a great way to keep the holidays stress free."

"Thanksgiving is also a great time for leftovers. Do you have any cool leftover tips or recipes for us?"

"Absolutely. One of my favorite holiday left overs that I made for you all today is our turkey and swiss bread pudding. What's great about this is you can utilize your leftover turkey and your dinner rolls. So this takes about 20 to 30 minutes to put together. And within about 30 or more minutes in the oven you have this entire dish made. It's really a great way to re-use your leftovers, and you're not eating the same dinner two nights in a row."

"I would have never thought of that, it all sounds so good. It looks great. What other tips do you have for us?"

"One of my favorite tips that I really love doing for the holidays is kind of keeping the holiday a little stress free with baking. So try to pick up your pumpkin pies with Boston Market. But one of the things you can do to make it your own is brulee these. I'm going to show you really quickly. Just sprinkle some sugar on top and then you're going to brulee this before serving. So this is a great tip and trick, and it always impresses your guests. It gives your pumpkin pie a little extra sweetness and little bit of caramel flavor its really great."

"Definitely a very interesting way to spice up your thanksgiving holiday treats. Thank you so much for joining us. Where can we go to learn more?"

"Absolutely, you can go to Boston for all of the recipes you saw right here. You can also go there to place your holiday order. Or, stop by in one of our restaurants or call our home office, we'll be happy to put that together for you."

"Rebecca, great tips there for people who aren't the best of chefs. Thanks for joining us."

"Thank you, have a great day!"

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