In The Community: Philly Juggling Festival

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PHILADELPHIA, PA — Unless you are a juggler, know a juggler or have taken an interest in circus arts, there’s one local tradition that you probably haven’t heard of and that’s The Philadelphia Juggling Festival. The fest is put on every October by The Philadelphia Jugglers’ Club. For jugglers and non-jugglers alike, there are many spectacles to be seen, fun to be had and new tricks to be learned at the festival. Every year, Philly Fest kicks off with free open juggling in the gym of the Friends Select school located on the Ben Franklin Parkway. Everyone is encouraged to participate in any of the free workshops scheduled throughout the day to learn tips and tricks from other jugglers. There’s also a variety of juggling props and equipment for sale at the fest. For many, The Philadelphia Juggling Festival is about more than just juggling; there is also a huge social element that many look forward to. It’s also about catching up with old friends, challenging your skills with more advanced jugglers than yourself and pass juggling with a lot of different people.

In this edition of Weekend Philler’s “In The Community” we talked to some of the jugglers at the fest about their favorite parts.

The Philadelphia Juggling Festival is a 2-day weekend long event that includes open juggling, workshops, vendors and a show Saturday night. The whole festival is free, with the exception of the show Saturday night.

The Philadelphia Juggling Club meets every Monday from 8-10PM at Loyd Hall in Fairmount Park.