Concede? fascism? recreational drug? The most searched-for words of election night

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The folks at Merriam-Webster tracked the most popular searches on their site, and the results mirrored what was happening in election returns.


Later on people searched for ‘fascism’ and ‘recreational drug’

As the result became apparent, they ended the night with ‘concede’

Merriam-Webster has also compiled the 58 words that Americans went online to look up during this unprecedented US presidential campaign.

Here are the top 12:

1. Trumpery


2. Presumptive


3. Glass ceiling

4. Plagiarism

5. Oligarchy (and socialism)

6. Redacted

7. Bigot

8. Hombre

9. Braggadocious

10. Deplorables

11. Locker-room talk


So how will the 2016 election be remembered? Some will call it nasty, or deplorable, or a trumpery. But to our friends at Merriam-Webster it was stupefying, reptilian and most of all… OVER.

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