Bob Bowling Audio on PHL17’s Weekend Philler

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ATCO, N.J. — South Jersey musicians are making amazing music at Bob Bowling Audio in Southern New Jersey.  All musical styles, all ages and genres are mentored and guided by lifetime musician and producer, studio owner, Bob Bowling.

"A lot of people feel music is dead, they hear modern day productions with drum machines, programming and computers-- music is very much alive, I see it every week," said Bowling.

Bowling opened his studio five years ago.  He decided after years as a musician and audio technician, it was time to give his dream of having his own studio a chance.  Years later, the studio continues to thrive and now Bowling is helping others follow their own music dreams.

In this clip, Weekend Philler, caught up with some talented teens that are making original music at Bowling Audio; Sara James, Jack Reres and Kennedy Shaw.  (For more from music from these young artists, use the links below).

For Bob Bowling, music is a passion and music is personal.  He works tirelessly to make sure the final product in his studio from rap to reggae, metal to muzak-- is exactly what the artist wants.

"My name's on the back of that album too, so, it's important," says Bowling.

By: Tony Romeo / PHL17
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Full Sara James Video: "Boys Like You" (recorded at Bowling Studio)


Full Kennedy Shaw Video: "Blue Winter" (recorded at Bowling Studio)