Bringing back Sunday dinners with Vic Rallo

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Vic, we are talking about maximizing quality time through family dinners. What are some meals the entire family will love?

"Well look, it's easy. You want to bring the family back together. So look, I made it easy for you.

Arugula salad to start. A little red onion, a little olive oil, grate some aurrichio provolone on the top. Bang, that's the starter. I love family- run companies. When I travel through Italy that's what I try to seek out. Aurrichio's been in business for two hundred years. That's where I go to.

Look pesto you think I'm nuts, pesto brings people together. Olive oil, garlic, pignoli nuts, basil, locatelli fresh grated, pecorino romano, put it in - blend it up. Until it comes out to consistency like this. Look at this beautiful pesto. Put it on cold pasta, hot pasta - put it on a piece of bread. Look at how I finish it. Just like this, a little tomato on top. Then, my handy tip is use your potato peeler, boom boom boom boom, boom. Families coming together, oh yeah, and they're not leaving when they're eating this. Okay?

So cook good stuff, use good ingredients. Chicken parm, America's favorite, right? Not seen so much in Italy. Favorite tomato sauce on the top. Finish it, the aurrichio provolone, people don't realize that provolone melts like mozzarella. I love this stuff. It adds little zip, a little bit of sharp - a little sharpness to the chicken parm. Finish it with a little freshly grate locatelli.

Look, bring the family home. The family stays home if you cook good food using great ingredients. That's what we want to see. Leave the gadgets, turn the TV off, sit everyone around. Live, love, and laugh around that Italian table. And really Jenna - that's what it's all about."

Vic that looks absolutely delicious. Where can we go for more information?
"So you can go to or my website. Look it up, we got a lot of recipes. Hit the google for great Italian meals. Make sure you're using the best ingredients and you know you're sure to keep everybody around the table.

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