Important Halloween Pet Safety Tips

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Whether you're opening your door for groups of trick-o-treaters or your home is covered with frightening sights,  taking the proper precautions can save you and your pet from a lot of unnecessary stress and unwanted negative behaviors. Animal behavior consultant, Steve Dale, says costumes that are fun for us can be terrifying or our four legged family members. It is important to watch for tell-tale signs and know what to do when anxiety arises. Dale says, "Sometimes when the doorbell rings and rings and rings our pets get really anxious . . . There`s data to show that classical music can be calming to pets. Adaptil and Feliway are copies of pheromone products and they signal to your pet that they`re safe and in a secure environment . . . Anytime your pet is acting differently than your pet typically acts 365 days of the year I say think about the fact that it may be an medical explanation for it."

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