Nestle Toll House Helps PHL17 #BakeSomeGood

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Vanessa, good morning. What's going on with Nestle Toll House?

"We're kicking off a hundreds days of baking with Nestle Toll House as all part of their bake some good campaign, and I'm excited to be a part of this. It's so inspiring and so empowering, and what Nestle Toll House has done is they have found six amazing bakers and I'm here with one of them. This is Sarah, and they're baking some good in the world. They want to bake for those who are under appreciated, and just kind of say 'thank you' to people in the world. And Sarah here has taken time out of her busy, busy day, to bake for a hundred continuous days with the fiver other bakers - and share her recipes and stories. Tell us Sarah like why you wanted to get involved in this. I think you mentioned earlier when I was in the kitchen. You want to give some recognition to those who are under appreciated."

"Absolutely! So I was internationally adopted and raised by a single mom. I'm just so excited to be here and to be able to bake some good. I'm really excited to bake for adoption workers."

"Yeah, and then also be able to bake for those who just simply don't hear the words 'thank you' enough."

"And to your point - I grew up in the military. My dad was in the air force. So I've grown up with giving back. I have baked for some military families - but I think you guys are going to bake for some military families as well as part of the hundred days. It's very exciting."

So what can we do to get involved?

"It would be amazing to the next time you bake something to bake an extra dozen. Give to a neighbor, to a friend, somebody in your community... and then share it with us. We would love to see it, #bakesomegood, or follow @nestletollhouse. See the bakers journeys as well as some recipes at There's just so many ways in social media that you can be active and be empowering, to be inspiring and be positive in your community."



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