Adopt a Pet: ‘Mummers and Mutts’ and PHL17 Morning News

PHL17 Morning News has partnered with the organization Mums and Mutts for an important cause. Megan McFarland, an animal activist who runs the Mums and Mutts program, has made connections with local animal shelters to help our furry friends find their forever homes. McFarland is a Mummer and has combined her love of the Mummers and animals in need to create this incredible program. This page is updated weekly with the animals we share on PHL17 Morning News.

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This is Dotty everyone! She is an independent chihuahua-mix who does not need much to be satisfied in life. Be sure to give Dotty belly rubs, and a bowl of food and she will love you forever.
This handsome fella is Pius, he is a 6-year-old  chihuahua-pug mix. Pius is happy everywhere he goes as long as it’s with someone he loves!
Pigwidgeon is a 4-year-old Cairin Terrier mix who loves to make new human friends! He enjoys long baths, and stealing people’s hearts.
John Kennedy Droole
John Kennedy Droole is a 3-year-old mixed breed with a head as big as his heart. He is known for making you fall in love at first sight with his kind eyes.
Meet this 1-year-old pittie-mix Wila! Wila loves to get some exercise by running around… so are you ready to go the distance with her?
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