Grain-Free and Nutritious Diet For Your Pet

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Dr. MacPete you have Gilby there. We're talking pet nutrition. Tell me what should we be looking for in those labels on those pet foods?

"Well it's important that people look for a quality food - that they're looking for a food made by a reputable manufacturer and with a proven track record for quality and safety. And that they look or a product with quality ingredients."

Why is grain-free food better for our pets?

"Well, we're seeing a lot of grain-free food because of the fact that many animals are actually allergic or intolerant to certain grains. And for those animals when they're fed a grain-free product it helps them improve their digestive or skin problems that they may have due to those grains."

Gilby looks so happy, so content right there. So tell me, if we're getting a new pet, what should be the first things we do with them?

"Well the first thing I recommend people do is see their veterinarian right away. make sure that their pet is healthy, up to date on their immunizations, and protected against preventable diseases. And then obviously you want to make sure that you start your pet off right with a good quality food. I'm here on behalf of American pet nutrition, recommending that people try supreme source grain-free pet food. It's a quality product and great for dogs and cats."

It's so important that we feed them the right food because nutrition is in our hands. Where can we go for more information on this?

"You can go to"


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