Kickstart Your Holiday Shopping With Better Living Tech Gift Ideas

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About one-third of shoppers have already started their holiday shopping. PHL17’s Chandler Lutz spoke to tech expert Jennifer Jolly, on how you can get that holiday list started with the very latest in better living tech gifts.

PHL17's Chandler Lutz, "Jennifer Jolly, you're always our go to girl for everything in technology, what do you have for us today?"

Tech Expert Jennifer Jolly, "Well the Christmas creep has set in. Something like a third of people have already started their holiday shopping. So right here I have some better living tech devices to get your started, to get you on the path to getting your list taken care of. Let's start with this Samsung Gear Fit2. It is a great all around smart fitness watch. It automatically senses what you're doing whether it is walking up the stairs or working out at the gym and then it tracks it all down for you, monitoring heart rate, plays music, built in GPS, so it will work whether you have your phone on you or not."

"There's also this HP Sprocket Photo Printer. I love this little device. You know all those photos you have on your smartphone? Well this actually lets you print them out, take them with you, or give them away. Stick them on our fridge or in your locker, absolutely wonderful little device."

"Next, October is National Air Quality Awareness Month, this Blueair Aware and a classic air purifier, it give pollution a one, two punch. It knocks out particles you can't see, gases you can't smell, they're connected to wifi. They clean up our air without you having to worry about a thing."

"Another device that helps you not worry about anything is this Keurig Brewer. This is fantastic for two main reasons. One is speed. It takes less than two minutes, start to first sip, and it is super easy clean which is something that most coffee machines are not. Feels very fancy when you're entertaining to let them have whichever coffee or tea they would like."

"Logitech has this new G Prodigy series of awesome items for gamers. Both serious and casual gamers alike, it fits just as well in a gaming den as it does in an office. You can have this wireless mouse whether wired or wireless version, keyboard, headset. Each peripheral is packed with sensors, macro buttons, and special lighting. It is absolutely awesome."

"If you plan on buying anything online or with your device this holiday season, you should know about Paypal. It is what I use to save time, money, and sanity. One touch works across millions of websites with return, shipping, and purchase protection. Now I just mentioned a ton of stuff in a short amount of time. If you need more, you can go to"