Make Up Tips with ManeStreem Artists Nadia and Christina

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Nadia started doing makeup as early as 15 and knew that she loved it. Since then she’s grown her business to include many clients for which she does makeup regularly. And, a core part of her business include special events for MAC, Tom Ford and ManeStreem – an on-demand beauty app.

While applying Jennifer’s makeup, Nadia used highlighter on her cheeks, as well as the news Smashbox eye shadow pallet. Some of this beauty experts top tips include:

1.       Start with a clean and moisturized face.
2.       Begin applying makeup to the eyes first to prevent fallout on the concealer.
3.       Then apply a foundation closed to your skin tone.
4.       Concealer next, two shades lighter.
5.       And set your makeup with your setting power.
You can reach Nadia at: @Nadia_Grier
And, what would today’s PHL 17 Morning shoot was further enhanced with a visit from hairstylist Christina Kane. Christina knew this was her calling as early as 16 years of age where she would style hair for friends and family. Now, her clientele include numerous men and women in the Delaware Valley where she does everything from styling on demand to weddings and other special events. Key for her in working with Jennifer was to smooth out her hair while adding volume and body. Christina’s top tips include:
1.       Start with freshly washed hair.
2.       Blow out using a styling product such as serum to combat frizz.
3.       Curl with a 1-1/2 inch barrel curling iron.
4.       Use a soft bristle brush to relax the curl
5.       Finish with a light hold hair spray. Christina used Martino’s You Had Me At Hello Flexible Hold Hairspray on Jennifer
To get in touch with Christina you can reach her at: @HairByChristinaMarie
Christina Kane – @HairByChristinaMarie (online, Twitter, Instagram)
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