‘Plan A Cruise Month’ With Princess Cruises

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October is “Plan a Cruise Month”, so our Chandler Lutz spoke to “Love Boat” star Jill Whelan to find out about celebrating special occasions on a cruise.

Joining us now is Pa native and actress Jill Whelan.

"Hey Chandler! How are you?"

I'm great. So as we know, you were on the hit TV series Love Boat and you spent most of your life aboard a ship. Tell us what you're doing now.

"Right now I'm thrilled to be the Celebrations ambassador to Princess Cruises because Princess Cruises would really love it if anybody who's got a celebration would come and celebrate with us. We have got a great way to celebrate.

We, gulp, celebrated my 50th birthday last week aboard a cruise and it was amazing. It was a California Coastal cruise and we did a food tour, we did a wine tour. It was fantastic, and then I celebrated earlier this year...fifty's a big one so you have to celebrate a lot.

I did a Mediterranean cruise with my kids, and my friends from Pennsylvania - Glenn and Heather Farley. We had the trip of a lifetime. We visited seven countries, we unpacked once - we packed up once. My friends actually said this was the trip of a lifetime and it really was."

That's amazing. Well happy belated birthday and we're also talking about how October is Plan a Cruise Month.

"Yes! Because it's Plan a Cruise Month we have a couple of amazing deals. You can't miss them, they're such good deals, and it's at princess.com so if you haven't taken a cruise, if you love cruising, if you have something to celebrate there are terrific deals. Alaska, the med, the Caribbean. So look it up, check it out. Fantasize and actually make that fantasy come true because it's possible."