Fall Fashion and Beauty Tips with Kate De Ponte

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Lauren Berman: Good morning, I am joined by beauty and style expert, Kate De Ponte. Good morning to you!

Kate De Ponte: Good morning, great to be here!

Lauren Berman: So we are talking top tips for fall fashion and beauty.

Katie De Ponte: That's right. So why don't I get started with eye wear. As the new season rolls in, I love experimenting with new sunglasses trends, so I brought in some really fun styles from Nicole Miller and Sperry. What I like about these is that you look really stylish and like a million bucks without breaking the bank. For these cool Nicole Miller glasses, they're about $120, go on to NicoleMiller.com. And for Sperry, there are great options for men and women, so go onto Sperry.com to learn a little bit more, but it is perfect for back to school, back to work, even brunch.

Lauren Berman: I am a huge fan of sunglasses. So what else do you have for us?

Katie De Ponte: So let's talk about fashion. There is a great brand that I love called J.Mclaughlin and I brought in the lane cardigan today and I want to kind of hang it up here. This sweater coat is the outer layer right now. I love this nuanced, zig zag, jichard that adds just enough texture. This is perfect for leggings, perfect for that leisurely fall afternoon. What I love about it is that it is unpretentious. It is more about style than trend and fashion. Their stores have a wonderful neighborhood feel and it is just very very classic. This particular style can be found at JMclaughlin.com. and this particular price is about $230 so check that out.

Lauren Berman: Definitely worth it. It is very soft.

Katie De Ponte: It is so soft, I love the feeling of it. Now moving onto accessories, there is a wonderful site called Poshmark that lets you buy and sell fashion. If you want to get rid of a few items in your closet and make a few extra bucks, or if you want to incorporate a few new items, go to Poshmark.com . I got this bag and shoes on Poshmark, which is very fun.

Lauren Berman: Very cool.

Katie De Ponte: So this is a must have. I want to talk about a multipurpose ointment. It is the CeraVe healing ointment. Now this was launched this year and was developed with some of the country's leading dermatologists and has been accepted by the national eczema association.  It is a multipurpose ointment that helps protect, soothe extremely dry, chapped,chaffed skin, which is great. it was designed to deliver silky, lightweight results, but it is not sticky or tacky or leave behind that tacky residue which I like and it feels great.

Lauren Berman: Now we have three other products here, and I want to talk about them

Katie De Ponte: So I want to talk about womens hair loss. It is a very emotional topic for so many women. So I brought in Women's Rogaine 5%, it is great for women experiencing hereditary hair loss who want a simple treatment that can easily fit into your beauty routine. It is a convenient, lightweight foam that you apply once a day or night. This is perfect because you can make that commitment to yourself, and really feeling and looking your best. It is $29.99 for a two month supply. But this is fabulous. Go on to WomensRogaine.com. Now I want to talk about confidence and having great teeth. Did you know that October is national orthopedic health month, which is really cool. Braces might be a thing of the past, those metal brackets, because of Invisalign clear liners.
This can do anything that braces can do, but you can have the confidence because they're clear. They're clear liner. It is the most technologically advanced clear liner system in the world. Also when you speak to you dentist and you sign all the paperwork, make sure the Invisalign logo and name is in the paperwork, it is very very important. Talk to your dentist. Lastly, I want to end with the OuLa Henderson truth Sugar glow polishing mask. This smells delicious. It is a great facial scrub with honey, pomegranate seeds, perfect for sloughing off all those dead skin cells and revealing that glowing skin for the fall. It is $42 at Sephora.

Lauren Berman : That sounds absolutely amazing. Kate, thank you for joining us this morning.

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