Healthy Fall Must-Haves For Your Family

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With cold season quickly approaching and fall  just around the corner, PHL17’s Chandler Lutz spoke to MOMS’ Melissa Gerstein for some healthy must-haves and tips for the whole family as the kids head back to school.

PHL17's Chandler Lutz: Hey Melissa. I heard you have some great tips for keeping our family healthy during cold season. What do you have for us?

The MOMS' Melissa Gerstein: I sure do. Thank you for having us. Well, as parents, we are always looking for easy snacks for the kids that are good for them. Here's one that is not only doing good for them, but it is good for the environment, too. It's called EnviroKids Granola Bars and Crispy Rice Bars. I love them. They're organic, gluten-free, peanut-free. They're great snacks for kids with allergies or peanut-free schools. They're also non-GMO and they come in four delicious flavors, which is great. And here's the best thing right now. One percent of sales support animal habitat conservation and educational programs. And schools and camps right now can go to and get a free ecokeepers kit, which is a great hands-on, education-based activity that harnesses kids' natural based curiosity and a sense of discovery. And it gets them playing outside in nature and off those devices, which is super cool. Now as moms we are always looking to make food preparation easier. I try to make lunches, even dinners, ahead of time. Reynolds is making it quicker and easier to prepare tonight's dinner for lunch tomorrow, with Reynolds disposable heat and eat containers. These containers are a great alternative to plastic. And since they are made of plant fibers, you can just pop them in the microwave. You don't have to worry about that clean up, you can just eat it and clean it, and there's no clean up. They're also great for adult lunches today too. So here's another great and interesting tidbit, a new study by Wet Ones says that 91% of moms do not let their kids participate in an activity because it's messy. I'm guilty. I'm one of those moms. However, 84% of them say that when they're cooking together, it is one of the most fun and bonding activities they can do together with their kids. Wet Ones wants to encourage family memories by letting their little ones get messy making those PB&Js, baking, and sloppy joes for dinners. With Wet Ones hand wipes, you're always covered. They kill 99% of those germs. They're formulated to be tough on dirt but gentle on the skin. They clean better than those hand sanitizes, and additionally they have the travel packs and the canisters, and it always have that 15% longer moisture. So I pop the travel packs into my backpack, into my car and my purses, and you can pick them up at any mass grocery store. And for more information on those, you can go to

PHL17's Chandler Lutz: Thanks so much for joining us this morning, Melissa.