Helpful Tips For Potty Training

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PHL17's Chandler Lutz: Good morning. Joining us now for some helpful potty training tips is Dr. Tanya Altmann... Tanya tell us how do we know when it is time to start training?

Dr. Tanya Altmann: So your toddler won't tell you when they are ready but they might start showing you signs... they might hide in the corner or under the table which means they kind of feel like they are ready to go. They might say 'off off' when their diaper is dirty telling you they want to be changed.. they might also want to follow you to the bathroom, watch you use the potty and get interested in using big kid underwear or training pants and start learning to pull them up and down themselves and that is a great time to transition to toddler training pants.

Chandler Lutz: Tanya you are a working mother yourself... give us some helpful tips for success.

Dr. Tanya Altmann: Sure I have three boys and what you really want to do is get them excited about wearing big kid underwear and excited about using the potty. So say 'bye bye' diapers and get them some Pamper's Easy Ups because they look and feel like real underwear. They are super soft and the toddlers will love pulling them up and down. They have a 360 elastic waste band and they have amazing leak protection so you do not have to worry about any little accidents. And then just encourage your kids... there are three parts to potty training. They have to know that they need to go... they have to get to the potty...and they have to get up on the potty and get it down in the toilet. So when they do go... teach them to say 'bye bye'... flush the toilet... and wash their hands afterward. Don't forget positive reinforcement so you can have some stickers in the bathroom or a little stamp. Do a potty dance... just make it all really exciting and they will get there. It might take a few weeks or months but I promise your toddler will become underwear or potty trained before you know it. It might take a few weeks or it might take a few months but I promise your toddler will become potty trained or underwear trained before you know it.

Chandler Lutz: So where can we go for more tips on potty training.

Dr. Tanya Altmann: For more tips you can go to and there is a $2 coupon you can print at and just arm yourself with some fun positive rewards for your child. Stamps stickers, books get them excited about it. And if there is an accident don't dwell on it just move forward. It's a developmental; milestone so like learning to walk or ride a bike it can't be rushed.

Chandler Lutz: Great. Thank you so much for your tips this morning Tanya. We'll be right back.

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