DNC protesters clash with Trump fans outside Wells Fargo Center

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PHILADELPHIA, PA - Wednesday night outside the Democratic National Convention, protesters felt the heat and humidity, and at certain points of the evening, hatred.

Donald Trump supporters briefly walked through some of the DNC protests outside the convention. One man carrying a Trump flag told PHL17, “They tried setting the flag on fire. They tried ripping it out of my hands.”

Jim Cialella lives in South Philadelphia and explained, “A democrat tried to grab my Trump flag.” Cialella said someone grabbed a woman who had been disrupting their protest and stopped her from further intervening.  “This ain’t even that bad. We can be peaceful! If they want to hate they can hate, but I don’t hate anyone.”

The “Trump train” trailed off down Broad Street and out of sight.

But other patriotic protesters turned problematic for police.

Members of the organization Democracy Spring watched a Facebook Live stream of their fellow protesters inside DNC getting arrested.

“Arrests are underway!” shouted one Democracy Spring protester. “They are currently getting arrested. They had a sit-in outside of one of the entrances within the Wells Fargo Center complex.”

The protesters say they knew what they were getting into.

Courtney Jines is an organizer from Democracy Spring and said, “We’ve been having training every night of our action at 7pm at the Arch Street Methodist Church. What we do is we contextual our movement for them. We give them some history on civil disobedience and we teach them how to remain nonviolent. We teach them how to de-escalate, what to do with their bodies and how they can have a presence, but make sure they’re safe and the people around them are safe.”

According to reports, 39 of the Democracy Spring protesters were detained, cited and then released by Philadelphia Police.


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