DNC 2016: Recap of Day 3 of the Democratic National Convention

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Day three of the Democratic National Convention formally introduced us to Senator Tim Kaine from Virginia. PHL17’s David Grzybowski reports from the Wells Fargo Center on what delegates and voters are saying about the Clinton and Kaine ticket.

“I think Tim will provide a strong steady hand. The whole issue with respects to a vice president should be ready to take on that position if called on. Hopefully that never happens but Tim has a strong history,” Darrell Clarke said, Council President of the City of Philadelphia.

Senator Kaine comes from a very lengthy government background with stints as a city council member, mayor and was Virginia’s lieutenant Governor.

“I think it is a great pick. Clearly he is someone with experience as an executive and as a legislature someone who dedicated his life to public service. I am excited about the pick,” Josh Shapiro said, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners PA.

On the other side, Bernie Sanders supporters continued to protest today outside of the Wells Fargo Center. Some delegates are not happy with the Clinton and Kaine ticket.

“You are talking to someone that has barely gotten over feeling the bern. And I am still feeling the bern. I am not sure who she could have chosen that I could have been happy with,” Julianne Waters, from Utah said.

by:David Grzybowski/ PHL17

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