Bernie Sanders protesters return for day 2 of the DNC

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PHILADELPHIA, PA - Monday's DNC theme was "United Together," but there have been deep divisions on display at the convention over the last 24 hours.

Inside the convention, party leaders were working their speeches around unity, after an email leak over the weekend showed some DNC officials favored a Clinton win and may have tried to sabotage Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

Because of those emails Sanders’ supporters and thousands of other protesters took to the streets of Philadelphia all day yesterday.

Sanders supporters upset their candidate may have been doomed by the DNC from the start. Inside the Wells Fargo Center, many Bernie supporters held up signs in defiance.

Police detained more than 50 protesters, but no arrests have been made.

Here is a link to other DNC protests this week.

As the night went on, speeches from prominent party leaders like Senator Elizabeth Warren, Michelle Obama and then eventually Senator Sanders himself again tried to unite their party around Clinton.

Sanders said, “It is no secret that Hillary Clinton and I disagree on a number of issues. That's what this campaign has been about. That's what democracy is about. But I am happy to tell you that at the Democratic Platform Committee there was a significant coming together between the two campaigns and we produced, by far, the most progressive platform in the history of the Democratic Party.”

Bill Clinton will be speaking to the crowds Tuesday night.

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