Summer Entertaining Tips

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Lauren Berman: Robin you have the tips to help get us entertaining this summer. Where should we start?

Robin Moreno: Alright. Let's start with something stylish and functional and something everyone loves and probably needs right now, some coffee. Keurig has a limited edition brewer called the K250 and it comes in this pantone fab color of the year serenity, which is gorgeous. A really good color to add to your kitchen and it's nice and slick and compact so it does not take up any space. What I love about it is that it can brew a 4 cup koraff in addition to those individual pods which is great for entertaining and they also have some fun seasonal flavors like a green mountain coffee and island coconut so it is really light roast and tropical and creamy coconut is fair trade certified. Tastes good and feels good. More information on So there is a fun Italian holiday coming up called fera-gosto. What is better than throwing an Italian party. Of course you are going to need some wine with that. So we are serving two wines. One is a Pinot Gridio and one is a fruit forward Merlot. So fera-gosto is a fun Italian party to mark the end of harvest when the aristocrats and land owners get together to break bread. The Pinot Gringo is amazing it has flavors of melon, apple, and it's really crisp. It pairs with more flavors like chicken and seafood and white pastas. If you are more of a red person the wine is smooth. It pairs with Italian flavors like garlic and sage and it is really lovely. And all of their grapes are hand harvested and really exceptional wines. And an Italian party wouldn't be the same without an anti-pasta platter. We have Krave jerky which is all natural and comes with tangy flavors like pineapple orange beef, black bery barbeque, and basil citrus turkey. Something for everyone at  your party. I love Krave that is one of my favorite snacks now.

Lauren Berman: That all sounds so yummy. Thank you so much for joining us this morning.

Robin Moreno:  Of course, thank you.