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Jason Lee: I am here talking about the 2016 Be Well Philly Health Hero. With Adjua Fisher the heath and fitness editor magazine of Fitness Magazine and 2015 Be Well Philly Hero winner- doctor Christine Myer. Good morning to both of you. Thanks for joining us. Adjua Fisher let me start with you. Please tell us about the Be Well Philly Health Hero.

Adjua Fisher: So the Be Well Philly Health Hero is our annual challenge, where we hunt for all the awesome people in Philadelphia who are doing great things to make Philadelphia a healthier place to be.  So we take nominations. And nomination period is ending July 13. Anyone can be nominated and you can nominate anyone you'd like in the Philadelphia area and we are looking for anyone from non-profit founders to doctors like Christine Meyer to really devoted fitness trainers who you think are making Philadelphia a better place to be.

Jason: So is there more money this year being given to charities?

Adjua: Yes, this year the winner will get $10,000 donation to the charity of their choice. Each of our 3 runner ups will get $250 to the charity of their choice, which is great.

Jason: Dr. Christine you are the 2015 winner. Where did the money go or you? Tell us about that.

Christine: As Adjua said I am a physician, but I am also a founder of a non-profit. In 2013 I started a running club called team cmd for Christine Meyer M.D. Kind of a tongue and teeth joke.  And that team started out running Broadstreet for the American Cancer society and has grown into its own non-profit.  Our foundation now has given over $150,000 to local families fighting cancer and over $800,000 to the American Cancer Society and other cancer researchers. We support people in our area because that is what our research does.

Jason: That is fantastic.

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