#SEPTApocalypse causes “nightmare” for regional riders

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – With 120 SEPTA regional rail cars out of service, SEPTA passengers say the second day of the #SEPTApocalyspe "commuting nightmare" is getting worse.

Several trains operating on the Lansdale/Doylestown Line bypassed stations before 7:00 a.m. as commuters stood in aisles up and down the length of the train.

One rider who boarded the R5 at Pennbrook, the second station on the line, said his train was already packed by 7:00 a.m. Riders said they were so crammed, many opted to get off at Fern Rock to try their luck on the Broad Street subway line.

Many trains were running over 20 minutes late throughout the morning.


Bernadette Burton told PHL17 she arrived at the Fern Dale Transportation Center around 6:00 a.m. Wednesday morning and was able to board a train without a delay.

However, as the morning went on, more and more trains bypassed SEPTA riders anxiously awaiting their delayed trains.

SEPTA’s General Manager, Jeff Knueppel, said he predicted Wednesday to be worse than Tuesday as more people headed back to work.

SEPTA officials announced, until further notice, beginning July 5th, SEPTA will operate a modified Saturday schedule on Regional Rail in place of Weekday service (Monday-Friday).

From SEPTA’s website:

On Sunday, July 3rd, SEPTA provided details on the defects that were discovered on our fleet of Silverliner V Railroad cars, which prompted the immediate removal of the 120 Silverliner V cars from service. As a follow-up to the information already provided, SEPTA has completed the inspection of the entire Railroad fleet and is now in the process of analyzing engineering solutions to repair the defects and return the fleet to service.

These 120 cars represent approximately 1/3 of the Regional Rail fleet and account for approximately 13,000 available seats for our customers. Since these cars make multiple trips during the morning and evening peak periods the impact to our customers is substantial.

The following are the plans currently in place for Regional Rail service beginning Tuesday, July 5, 2016:

Regional Rail Service

Until further notice, beginning July 5th, SEPTA will operate an Enhanced Saturday schedule on Regional Rail in place of Weekday service (Monday-Friday).

Each line will have an extra train that will run earlier than the normal Saturday schedule and additional trains will be added to the AM/PM travel periods. But please remember that all available equipment has to be spread out over the entire Railroad network so the extra service will not reflect normal weekday frequency levels.


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