Father’s Day Gifts

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Lauren Berman: Father's day is less than a week away and here to talk about it is celebrity lifestyle expert Dorothy Cascereri. Dorthy thanks so much for joining us this morning. You have a ton of great stuff here. Where do you want to start?

Dorothy Cascereri: Yes we do. So I love to put together a grab bag or dad. So you buy these bags at the dollar store and then fill them with things dad will love. Let's talk about wine. It is great to share a bottle of wine with dad and to do something with him. So why not take him for a day fishing and have a bottle of Divinging Rod created by a California wine maker by a man who was a third generation wine maker. He created it as an oad for his wine making skills where he turns water into wine by locating underground water systems using these divinging rods. He is an avid fisherman and outdoors man so the Divinging Rod is running a sweepstakes right now. You can enter at facebook/diviningrod and on lucky winner and a guest will win a trip to Montana for two nights and three days with hiking and fishing. You can check the wine tab to find Divine Rod in your Philly area.

Lauren: That is so great so let's talk about this other stuff here.

Dorothy: So you have to make sure dad's skin is looking really good because sometimes dad neglects that so I love lubraderm daily moisture lotion. This is something the whole family will love. You can buy it at Walmart for $6.49. A good price point. It is enriched with Vitamin B5 and skin essentials so that your skin is hydrated. It is not greasy. It has a clean feeling and is clinically proven to moisturize for 24 hours. So you can really help dad look good.

Lauren: Great stuff. This may be my favorite.

Dorothy: For the dad who has a sweet tooth, I love Bark Thins. Bark Thins snacking chocolate is the perfect way to elevate your father's day. They are also good for watching dad's figure because the pouches have portion control and are resealable. They are portable and great for on the go. Plus dad can feel really good eating them because they are non-gmo verified project. So they are really good. You can find them at Wholefoods and Target.

Lauren: This sounds great.

Dorothy: So dad will love this. You can spend time with him, his skin will look good, and he will have a snack.

Lauren: Dorothy, great ideas here. Thanks or joining us.

Dorothy: Thank you.