Crime Watch Daily investigates the death of beloved South Jersey woman, Erica Crippen Crosby

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Erica Crippen Crosby was a 26-year-old mother of two from South Jersey who went missing just before New Year’s Day in 2015. Her family and friends feared her husband, Kyle Crosby, was responsible for her disappearance. Kyle allegedly had a history of violent behavior, and was making strange posts on Facebook after Erica’s family and friends realized she was missing. Kyle disappeared shortly after making this post.

Police assumed Kyle stole Erica’s car, which also went missing. Erica’s car and Kyle were discovered by police several days later in Camden, NJ but there was no trace of Erica. However, police did find a trunk full of suspicious items Kyle purchased, and they were able to charge him with Erica’s murder. Investigators searched for weeks and eventually found Erica’s body in Maryland 50 feet from the side of the road, her hands and feet tied and her mouth and nose covered with tape.

Kyle Crosby took a plea deal and will only spend 31 years in prison.

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