Phillies Head Down To Clearwater

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It’s truck day down at Citizens Bank Park! Today the Philadelphia Phillies will be making the trip down to Clearwater, Florida for Spring Training.  This morning the Phillies loaded a 53-foot truck with baseballs and equipment and the truck is expected to make it to Clearwater on Sunday.

Here is a sampling of what’s going on the truck to Spring Training

10,000 12 oz POWERADE cups

2,400 baseballs

2,000 short and long sleeve shirts

1,200 bats

600 pair of pants

600 batting practice hats

450 pair of socks

350 pair of shorts

250 batting practice tops

200 light jackets

150 pair of batting gloves

140 batting helmets

125 leather and elastic belts

1 Phanatic hot dog launcher​

by:David Grzybowski/ PHL17

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