PHOTOS: 2016 Wing Bowl 24

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Sportsradio WIP held WING BOWL 24 on February 5th before most people even wake up.  But that didn’t stop it from being a huge out crowd attended by lots of your WIP favorites, wingettes, entourages and some of the more intense competitive eaters you will ever see.  We’ve got three galleries of Wing Bowl 24 photos.  Enjoy!  *(If you are offended by scantily clad women and serious competitive eating, this one’s not got you. PG-13!)  SERIOUSLY– they are not naked, (to our knowledge) but the wingettes don’t wear a lot of clothes.  If this offends you– this is the wrong gallery.

2016 Wing Bowl 24 Photo Gallery 1
2016 Wing Bowl 24 Photo Gallery 2
2016 Wing Bowl 24 Photo Gallery 3

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