PHOTOS & VIDEO: 2016 Woodland String Band

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Woodland String Band Photo and Video Archive


  • Bruce Rogers

    Fantastic performance and hats off. I have no dog in this race but am confused. Avalon gets DQ’d for ground cover rolling out a blue tarp. Do I not see green ground cover here? Still watching every year from Texas now.

    • ed bernard

      it wasn’t a tarp, it was a solid prop to represent a hill. if avalon’s members didn’t walk on the tarp, they wouldn’t be disqualified. tarps were banned a few years ago for safety reasons.

      • Bruce Rogers

        Thanks for the explanation, Ed. Although far away form the city of my birth, I always try to keep up with the current rules and the “why’s and what have you’s” I am old enough to remember when I was a kid and all forms of commercialism was taboo. I know that all supporting vehicles that had any logo or name on them had to have those references covered. Even U-haul rented trucks. Very stringent. Only vehicle you would see with print was probably a station wagon at the head of the performing club with a placard indicating said club ant the title of the theme (and that was before ladies were allowed to march). And so, time marches on, if you excuse the pun. Happy New Year to All from here near Dallas. Will try my best to keep up to date with any rule changes and you know I will be back watching and strutting in my own dimension in 2017.

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