Nate Berkus and Kitchen Design

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Home design powerhouses Nate Berkus, LG Electronics and Herst Magazines and the American Society for Interior Designers got together in New York City this week to celebrate outstanding kitchen designs.

Nate Berkus: LG partnered with Herst media and ASID to ask people to design their dream forever kitchen. Using the studio appliances as the bases for appliances.

He advises the new studio suite, ensuring the products embody pro style and sophisticated design and to complement any high end kitchen.

Nate Berkus: LG obviously is a company that stand for technology but they care very deeply about design. So our partnership has been an adventure and here is the end result.

David Vanderwaal: Any style of kitchen can work well with this LG studio line of appliances with this type of design. It is something that is very neutral.

Newell Turner: They see kitchens the way we do. A living space. Not just a cooking space. A place that people really live in.

Nate says the kitchen is the heart of the home so it is important to really love it.

Nate Berkus: You know it's funny. Design is not a perfect science. Design is about people making their own decisions, using their choices and creating environments that tell the story of who they are.

For more info, visit LG Studio dot com.