Hair Styling Tips

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Jason Lee: Good morning. Give us some trends for hot holiday hair.

Sarah Potempa: I am here with the Beachwaver S1. It has a rotating curling iron that I invented. I was just at the Victoria Secret selling all 47 models. You clamp it here and it curls for you. You control it. It rotates in both directions and hold it for a couple seconds. It was in styles magazines best curling iron of the year. Also Nylon's best curling iron of the year. This is perfect gift for anybody looking to get gorgeous angel waves. It is 129 dollars available at local target or beach wave dot com. And you want gorgeous glowing skin. Here is a daily peel. It is two steps. They are little wipes. I actually did them in the cab this morning. It was created by NYC dermatologist Dennis Gross. It is really going to clean your skin. It is loved by celebrities such as Rossie Hunting Whitely and Chrissy Teagan. It is 88 dollars for a 30 day supply. You can get it at Doctor Dennis Gross dot com. And then I have Dentec. I love this products and my husband is actually a dentist. It is one of those products you can keep in your bag or on the go. You can floss, clean your teeth. It is really simply product to have a gorgeous smile. Here you go. You have three incredible products. You have the beach waver, great peel, and then you have Dentec floss pics you can have a as a great stoking stuffer.

Jason Lee: All right, Sarah Potempa, thanks for the time. And Eye Opener continues.