Thanksgiving Travel Tips With The Travel Mom

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Emily Kaufman, The Travel Mom
Lots of people will be hitting the road for Thanksgiving and I've got some road trip tips to help you make that ride even more enjoyable. And the first thing we want to do is make sure our care is winter-road trip ready. And for many, that means switching to winter tires. A good rule of thumb to remember is if you can consistently see your breath, it's time to make that change. And this is the Blizzak by Bridgestone and I'm working with them to help show the difference and the importance of winter tires. If you look carefully you can see the tread on this is really thick and filled with lots of little slices. Those slices work to remove water and ice from the road and draw in the snow, compacting it together. It's that snow on snow contact that gives you better traction on the road.

Also the rubber compound is different. Traditional all-season tires can become stiff during cold weather. This Blizzak has got a special formula that helps you keep better control on the road. Lots of information about winter tires at Also you want to trade out your emergency kit from bug spray and sunscreen and make sure you've got winter necessities: blankets and other things. Apps can be your best friend and use technology to travel with them for the lowest gas prices, the best route in real-time, and also places to go in case of an emergency. Also, to keep the kids from shouting are we there yet, I make a boredom bag, it's a hanging travel cosmetic case. You can fill with age appropriate activities, books on tape, hand held electronic games, snacks, hangs from the seat back in front of where your child sits and keeps them busy. Happy Thanksgiving everybody, happy travels.