Hess Toy Truck

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Jason Lee: The kid in me has always loved the Hess Toy Truck. Tell me about this yea's model.

Justin Mayer: This year for our 51st year, we have the 2015 Hess truck and ladder rescue. Another great toy to play with, it's a two in one. More lights and sounds than ever before, we have over 50 lights on the truck and four sounds including sirens and horns and all the flashing lights you can expect from an emergency vehicle. And of course is the secondary is this ladder vehicle with a great ladder and a push activated motion, so you get this thing rolling and it takes off on the floor. It's a a lot of fun.

Jason Lee: Is there a lucky surprise for some people this year?

Justin Mayer: There is! There are 100 special edition all-silver versions of this year's Hess Toy truck. It's hidden inside the regular toy boxes. So, when you open yours on Christmas morning, take a peak inside and see if you are one of the lucky winners.

Jason Lee: So Justin, where can we go for more information and where can we go to buy the truck?

Justin Mayer: Absolutely. So it's 30 dollars and 99 cents this year with five energizer batteries included. You can o online at Hess toy truck dot com with free shipping. In your market, there are two malls also operating out of a kiosk that looks like Hess toy truck. In the Willow Grove Mall as well as the Cherry Hill Mall. That should be reachable for most of your viewing area.

Jason Lee: Nice. Thanks for the time, we appreciate it. And Eye Opener continues.