Aging Gracefully

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Jason Lee: Andrea, I want to look good and feel good. How do we do that?

Andrea Lustig: Well, if you are over 40, and you find yourself having a habit of squinting, chances are you have presbyopia. This is the gradual loss of the ability to see things close-up and it happens over time. And reading glasses are a bummer. I know when I wear m readers, I feel much older than I am. A new study showed that one in four adults are with me and think reading glasses can make you look ten years older. So what can you do, get rid of your reading glasses right? When I started enlarging the text on my phone, my doctor recommended Acuvue. Acuvue Moist Brand mutli-focal contact lenses. This amazing contacts let you see without altering the view of everything else. I have been working with the Acuvue brand to let women know that. This is a new contact brand that lets patients like me who have trouble seeing close-up. I can see clearly now no matter what I do and I have no idea what I was missing before. Of course contact lenses require prescriptions so go to www dot acuvue dot com and your doctor to determine if Acuvue Moist brand multifocal is right for you. And as I said for me, it was a breakthrough. Ok, let's move on to some hair color. Hair color is an important way to look and feel fresh, but usually requires frequent trips to the salon which can be expensive as well as annoying. The Jon Frieda people have come up with some amazing products that are launching next year that you can buy now on target dot com. There is the brilliant brunette and sheer blonde in-shower treatments and what these do is they allow you to lighten or darken your hair up to one shade in the shower. It's very easy. you put it in, rinse, and that's it. You hair is altered completely. There is also this amazing root product. It allows you to customize your roots and your grays and cover them. It's a powder and it's so easy. So get rid of your glasses, your hair color looks young, and you feel good. And that's what you can do to feel rat this season.

Jason Lee: All right, Andrea Lustig thanks for being with us. And Eye Opener continues.