Veterans Day at Doylestown School

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Veterans Day 2015. For these students in Bucks county, it was more than just about honoring our veterans, it was about learning from them as well.

Keith Willard
7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
"We talk a lot about being a citizen and the rights and responsibilities that citizens have, and service.  And who better to talk to kids about their service than the veterans of our community."

Andrew Kane
7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
"All the veterans have relationships in one way or another to the students at our school.  We asked them to go home and ask their veteran family members or friends to come in and share their experiences.  We felt like this would be a great oportunity to tie, not only the idea of service, and the importance of citizenship, but also the idea of community together."

Here at Holicong Middle School in Doylestown, Veterans Day is a day that students long remember, because they get to hear from a group of veterans, about what they went through, and about what serving America meant to them.

Dani Gallagher
7th Grade Student
"I really like that they are supporting our country, and I really appreciate everything they've done for us"

And that appreciation was evident here in the school's library, as groups of seventh grade students got to hear from seven bucks county veterans.  The kids heard stories, saw pictures and artifacts, and got to ask questions. Holicong middle school started this last year on veterans day, and it's becoming a yearly tradition.  In small groups, students went from table to table, and heard from these amazing veterans of wars going as far back as Korea, and as recent as Iraq and Afghanistan. And what impact did the vets hope the students took from this special day?

Staff Sgt Ryan Snyder
"To Always look to their future.  Always think about their community, and what kind of impact they have on their surroundings.

Staff Sgt Michael Hink

"It's important just to come out and show the community the service members that are actually here, and let them really ask questions to get a better insight of what service means to people in their actual community.

"So Veterans Day here at Holicong Middle School was special for the students...but for the Veterans as well.  In Doylestown, I'm Jason Lee, PHL17 News".

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