South Jersey veteran hopes we all remember

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“So when you look back on Vietnam, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?  Uh, the weather.  (Laughs) It was awful. When it was hot, it was really hot.”
Lou Sauer, looking for discipline, enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1967.
“I can’t believe it was that long ago.”

Sauer volunteered for Vietnam and remembers well those with whom he served.
“I had to depend on them. They had to depend on me. I mean, actually, our lives depended on it.”
…And trying to make life normal.
“Pets were helpful to us.”
“It was like being home. Something to attach to.”

The Military Police Staff Sergeant  insists many soldiers had it tougher than he.  But,
“not to say that I don’t have a nightmare from time to time about Vietnam.”
“Dealing with prisoners of war, the occasional firefight or whatever we had to deal with and investigate. Uh, Americans that committed suicide, you know, harmed each other.”

He served a 2nd full year in Vietnam.

“(Laughs) I actually volunteered to do that because if you volunteered to serve a 2nd tour, they would, the Army, gave you 30 days free leave to come and flew you home and back.  I did it so I could participate in the 1970 Mummers Parade.”
Sauer says Woodland String Band and all Mummers have welcomed veterans.  He wishes everyone would.
“There’s a lot of people still strugglin’ that were over there. They need help.”

Now 67, Lou Sauer and his wife, Marcia, live with their dog, Cleo.  They’ve raised 4 children and enjoy a 13 month-old grandson, Crosby.
My service I’d do it again.”
In Marlton, I’m Steve Highsmith.

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