Healthy Meal Ideas on the Go

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Jason Lee: Good morning. You are making me so hungry. Talk about what you have going on there.

Liz Weiss: One of the biggest challenges for consumers, especially when schedules are tight is eating a healthy diet. And we know that on average, consumers only meet the dietary guidelines for Americans seven out o 365 days a year. So all o our goals should be to get more fruits and vegetables and whole grains onto our table. All right, so give us some examples. One of the best ways to do it is to balance your plate. And what I mean by that is it is actually a new educational program from nestle. And if you are going out and buying a frozen meal, let's say Stouffers lasagna or a lean cuisine dinner, the goal is to teach consumers how to add more fruits and veggies on the side. Perfect pairings if you will. So if you go to their website, you are going to find practical advice, meal plans, so if you are having something like a lasagna or dinner, you can make my broccoli crunch salad and serve it on the side. You are busy, you can use regular broccoli, you can use the frozen broccoli florets, and make it into a beautiful salad. Crunchy and yummy and kid friendly. And now you balanced out that meal and you are one step closer to achieving those dietary guidelines.

Jason Lee: All right, people who live alone. Give us tips for just one person.

Liz Weiss: Well if you live alone and use something like a lean cuisine for dinner and you are having mac and cheese, this sweet and spicy Korean Style dinner, we ask ourselves again, what can I pair with this? And this time of year where you can go into the markets and find such beautiful produce, I love to use the rainbow baby carrots. You can find them in the market this time of year. I toss them with olive oil, salt and and pepper, a little drizzle of honey, I roast them , and now i have this perfectly delicious and playful side dish that I love and my family loves. So, my frozen meal gets balanced with this beautiful healthy side dish. And when you are in the markets too, read labels because the food if isle has changed and there is so much variety. They are nutritious, you can find organic offerings, so great choices for folks.

Jason Lee: those carrots look fantastic. Liz, where can we go for more information?

Liz Weiss: For more information, folks can go over to Nestle USA to their website and then log onto that website and look for "balance our weight" for practical tips, meal time advice, and meal planning helps you get better nutrition on the table. Jason Lee: All right Liz Weiss, great tips, thanks for being with us.

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