A Vietnam Veteran helping fellow Vets

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A Vietnam Veteran helping a fellow Vet.
Army Sgt. Ret. Edward  Shinn 'I opened a claim, two years ago and they said they don`t know where they are.'

Frustrated by delays retired Veteran Edward Shinn, a former Senior Switchboard Operator in the ARMY sought help from the Camden County Office of Veterans Affairs.

Little did he know, that the person that would help him file multiple claims would be one of his own, Service Officer Ted Gallagher who also served in Vietnam.
'He apparently receiving some care but not in the way of compensation for some of the conditions that he has.'

The 70-year-old retired Colonel still remembers his experiences vividly.
'I went to Father Judge H.S. which had the most students killed in Vietnam than any other Catholic School in the Country.'

Gallagher now sees over 500 Veterans a year.

'I take personal pride in this and it`s very satisfying to know I can help people who have physical or social needs to survive in the community.'

Gallagher helps individuals and Veterans from various wars... and for the many Vietnam Vets he sees, there is a particular connection.
'In the late 1960`s and 70`s we were not accepted. They were treated differently than Veterans today so a bit of camaraderie we shared and experienced.'

'Here`s a person that`s been under some of the same kinds of conditions. Even though he was an officer, he was there - got to see it first hand and when you say something, he knows what the situation is.'
'With the population of Vietnam Vets who are aging if you will, he is able to relate to their needs and what their needs are. So, he has a common bond with them.'

Jennifer Lewis-Hall PHL17 News.

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