Vascular Surgery

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'There`s no doubt about it, if it wasn`t for Doctor Domer they would`ve started with my toe, taken my foot, and eventually taken my leg above the knee, without question.'

Joseph Wallen who lives with diabetes sustained an injury to his toe about 4 years ago that wouldn`t heal. He was reffered to  HAN Vascular Surgery at Crozer Keystone where vascular surgeon dr. gregory domer and his team had to amputate his toe but they helped him save his leg.

Dr. Gregory Domer/ Crozer Keystone Health System
'Most people don`t know what vascular surgeons do, and typically the first thing that comes to mind is varicose veins. We do treat varicose veins, but really the reason we go into vascular surgery is to provide limb salvage and life saving procedures.'

Dr. Sai Sajja / Vascular Surgeon
'one of the common conditions we treat as vascular surgeons is abdominal aortic aneurysms.'

Jason Lee
dr domer and dr sajja both perform vascular surgeries that are less invasive than they used to be.

Dr. Domer
"When i was going through my training we would have to treat these with large incisions it was one of the biggest operations done in the hospital. and the patients would stay in the hospital 5 to 7 days usually with two or three days in the i.c.u. and in 4 to 6 weeks and some times longer recovery. now we`re able to do that same operation with incisions in the groin less than a quarter of an inch and the patients go home the next day and often times are eligible to even go home later that same day.

Jason Lee
And Joseph Wallen is thankful for Dr. Domer and his team for saving more than just his leg.

Joseph Wallen
"Here I am walking playing golf and living a very normal life and I'm very happy for what he did with his team to get me to this point."