Mario Armstrong on Holiday Shopping

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Jason Lee: Mario, hard to believe we are already talking about holiday shopping. What do you have for us?

Mario Armstrong: The first thing I want to jump into is something that I do with my family is really have a lo of fun. So that's what I have. I have some things that are fun, practical, productive, and will save you some money. Let's start first with U-B soft. They came out with Just Dance Disney Party Two. This is going to bring a lot of fun to every Disney Channel fan. It''s the second Disney title and the best selling music video game franchise. It has more than 20 tracks on this thing. The hottest shows like Teens Two and more. The game plays to the original shows and music and you will love it when you are dancing to this game. And then one of the things I do, is we make holiday gift cards. We make things custom in our house. We use a printer a lot. So that means we also run out of ink. But not anymore because we use the HP instant ink. Now this works because basically I pay $2.99 a month and ink is delivered to my door before I run low. I'm always ready to roll. You can even get a printer like this for only 99 bucks, the HP Envy $45.20 to use instant ink. Now, when you are shopping, you want to have a website and an app. Do not shop without using. Retail me not dot com. This is also a free app that you can put on your device. It is my go-to shopping app for all the coupons. Over half-a-million offers from 50 thousand retailers. You save on aerage 20 dollars per transaction. So this is an awesome app to save a lot of money. And then for games, at $2.99, this is an awesome gift. Cause amazon game studios have affordable games with the fire and apple devices. One is called "til morning light" which is an action adventure game, and another one is called tales from deep space. This is a co-op intergalactic game, both of which I said are only $2.99. And then for the little ones, you want to get them the worry eaters from they Haywire Group. Children worry about a lot of things but not anymore. This is an award winning plush little friend. Kids bit their worries and put it in the zipper and parents love that. And last but not least, holidays can't be done without Casio compact rand piano. The C-G-P 700 sounds amazing and is a real grand piano and that's a 5.3 color extreme. And all of the instruments and sounds inside. All of this can be found on our website at funk news dot com slash family.

Jason Lee: You know Mario, I gotta laugh. I have always worried myself but that's a whole different conversation that we will talk about another time.

Mario Armstrong: Folks are going to love this.

Jason Lee: You and me both my friend. Thanks for the time, we appreciate it. Eye Opener continues.