New Screening Guidelines For Breast Cancer

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We're in the middle of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month -- a perfect reminder and time to get a mammogram.  But the question remains, when should you get a mammogram and how often? That confusion has surfaced again.

The American Cancer Society has changed its guidelines, saying women can wait until their 45 to start getting annual mammograms.  Before this change it was recommended women begin annual screenings at the age of 40.

One health expert says if a woman starts screening at the age of 40, she increases the risk of false-positive results.  She would then have to undergo a biopsy only for the doctor to say the area of concern is benign.

Although the American Cancer Society guidelines no longer recommend a clinical breast exam for women of average risk younger than 45, it shouldn't stop women younger than 45 to receive extra screening if they choose to do so.