Interview with Actor John Benjamin Hickey

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Jennifer Lewis-Hall: Good morning John. You play Frank Winter on the show. it is season 2. Tell us about character and what's new this season.

John Hickey: Well for anyone who has watched the show, you know that my character was in a heap of trouble at the end of the season 1. So much trouble that I called my agent and asked, "Do I have a contract? Am I coming back to this show?" At the beginning of season 2, he is still in a lot of trouble in a kind of military prison. he starts to work his way back into the folds and it is really, really exciting what happens to him.

Jennifer Lewis-Hall: What about the writing, because that is always an integral part of a show like this?

John Hickey: Yea, the writing on this show is just extraordinary and makes the actors job just s o much easier. and that makes it so exciting to be as surprised as the audience is. hat makes the job so much more thrilling. 9 p.m. on WGN America. WGNA.

Jennifer Lewis-Hall: Yes, you look at a guide. I call my kids to help me look at the guide. And Eye Opener continues everybody.

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