Expedition Unknown

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Jennifer Lewis-Hall: “expedition Unknown” is a show that takes viewers around the world. Our Jason lee spoke to host Josh Gates, to find out what’s coming up this season…

Jason Lee: Josh, tell us what to can expect for season 2 of Expedition Unknown.

Josh Gates: Well it is going to be a big season, you know we are coming back to travel channel this Wednesday at 9pm with an all new season. And we are taking viewers to start with on the premiere in search of the truth behind the legend King Aurthur. One of the greatest characters of all time and the question if he was a real man. So we will be exploring that on the season premiere and throughout the season we will be doing big trips to look for lost civilizations, buried treasure, vanished explorers, all sorts of huge adventures that will take us around the world.

Jason Lee; Now I heard you are retracing the steps of Christopher Columbus, what was that like?

Josh Gates: It was a great experience for me and it is a two part episode that we are doing on Columbus. He is the most famous explorer of all time and yet most of us, myself included, know very little about him. What we know is that he took three trips and he sailed from Europe into the Americas and everything else has turned into myth and legend and misinformation and in fact he had this truly incredible voyage of discovery. He is maybe not as heroic as we remember and maybe not as villainous as some people believe. He is a really complex person.

Jason Lee: All sounds really fascinating. Where and when can we watch Expedition Unknown, Josh.

Josh Gates: It is going to be on every Wednesday on the Travel channel at 9pm. Satellite times can vary a bit but you can go to Travelchannel.com for more information about the show.

Jason Lee: Alright sounds great. Josh Gates. We appreciate the time. And Eye Opener continues...



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