Crunch Time For PA Governor Wolf & Legislature

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Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf says he's been speaking with House Republicans to get support for a new state budget proposal.

As PHL17's Zachery Lashway reports, the clock is ticking and Governor Wolf is running out of time.  Today marks day 97 without a state budget.  Governor Wolf has until this afternoon to submit a budget proposal, that the house will vote on tomorrow.

The question at this hour is can both sides come together to support a measure that could alleviate stress social service agencies and charter schools are facing?

Assuming Governor Wolf can carry all 84 Democrats in the House, he would need at least 18 additional Republicans in order for it to pass.

"We have got to get it right this year. It`s not a matter of electives saying `Geez, you`re a tax and spend person.` No, Im a business person. I'm a person who wants to make my ends meet."  Explains Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf.

Governor Wolf's new budget reportedly includes $1.8-billion in new taxes in order to get funding for education and property tax relief.

He says if a new budget isn't passed, Pennsylvania will be looking at a $2-billion deficit next year.

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