Matt Hagan and the NHRA

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Matt Hagan:
Hey I'm Matt Hagan a driver of Funny Car for Don Schumacher Racing. I drive the Pinzal Mopar/Rocky Boots. I'll tell you there are all types of different racing but obviously drag racing I think is the coolest. 330 miles per hour in under four seconds, 10,000 horse power race car that's just pounding the road out there. It shakes every organ in your body when these cars launch at the start line, and you feel them up in the stands even. So it is cool to strap to a piece of equipment, a machine that basically will carry you over a thousand feet in over 300 miles an hour in under four seconds.

So basically a funny car is a motor that you are riding and basically there is a chastity built around you. A carbon fiber body shell that they put on top of the car, it creates about ten thousand pounds of down force on a run. Very very aggressive with a short wheel based car. Wheel based cars are somewhere around 115 inches. You know, they move around quite a bit there's a lot of steering involved as far as being aggressive inside the cockpit and making the car kind of go where you want it to.

I've been very very blessed to win two world championships, runnered-up twice and right now I'm working on a third championship. We're looking to roll back in here to Reading and do big things. I mean Reading is a fast racetrack. We have a fast hotrod and looking to put on a show for these fans out here. They come out here with their hard earned money and cash to come see us. At the end of the day we're showmen and looking to put on a show.

So don't miss the NHRA Keystone National Drag Racing Series on the NHRA, hope to see you there.

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