Farm Fresh Food with Sandra Lee

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Jason Lee: Sandra, good morning. We are all so busy please tell us how we can make good meals for our families.

Sandra Lee: Well I have been working for the last little while with Bob Evans and you probably, Jason, know Bob Evans from their great restaurants but a lot of people do not realize that they are the number one refrigerated side dish company in the United States. They have the best mashed potatoes and mac and cheese and mashed sweet potatoes and sausage. All of these farm fresh ingredients because Bob was a farmer. And a lot of people do not recognize the legacy of that company so I partnered with them to create a whole recipe club. It's at and we have things on there like sweet potato and maple icing cookies that are cake cookies that will rock your world. We have things like, look at this, pork carnitas mac and cheese chimmey changas. Everybody is going to love that. Things like shepherds pie and all sorts of great recipes to do with leftovers if you want. And then some of my favorites now when my nieces and nephews come over, they love mac and cheese but they buy it in the box, the dried stuff with the pouch powered thing, you know the powder cheese stuff. This is real cheddar cheese and I went to college in Wisconsin and I know the difference between real cheese and real cheese. So this is real cheddar cheese, absolutely delicious all you do is peel this back, heat it up and you are done. But if you want to, you can create something like a souffle. Just a little bit of spinach, this is bacon, some gouda cheese and then an egg. Put this in ramequins and twenty minutes later on 400 degrees you have a souffle and don't miss my meatloaf cupcakes. That is the mashed potatoes on top of that, real potatoes, real butter and real milk. Real easy in just a matter of minutes. So enjoy.

Jason: Wow Sandra, you just made me very very hungry. Those meatloaf cupcakes look fantastic. Where can we go for more information.

Sandra: You can go to and all of these recipes are there.

Jason: Thanks for being with us Sandra. Eye Opener continues.

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