Anti-aging Secrets with RoC

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Jason Lee: We are all trying to find that fountain of youth and you can help us out with that.

Didi Gluck: Well here is a great place to start, skincare. The skincare company Roc just released results of their second wrinkle study. It looks at UV exposure, commuting, stress in various different states to come up with which states age fast and I see you are number 2 there just behind us in New York . But the best place to start is good anti-aging skin care regiment that focus specifically on your night time care because that is when skins renews itself. Most dermatologists recommend using a gentle cleanser, exfoliating and applying a night cream with retinol since that is the gold standard in cream care. One l I love to recommend is RoC cream. Women who use it saw a reduction in wrinkles and it is fairly priced. We also tell women to give their hair a little love as they age and there is a new product to treat hereditary hair loss. It called Womens Rogaine Foam. Their hair grew back 48 percent from when they started. For more info go to

Jason Lee: Well here is hoping you in New York and us in Philly fall further down on that list. And eye opener continues.

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