After School Play

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Jason Lee:
Good morning, I want to be transported to where you are to play with all of that stuff, what do you have for us?

Meredith Sinclair:
Okay, this is all great stuff for afterschool. So for your kids who love to build they're totally going to love this Lego Creator playset. This one is called the Changing Seasons playset and in true Lego form they provide really fun accessories and features helping to bring this to life and help kids imitate real life, it's got a little grill that really lights us with a little brick, it's got mini figures. And this house goes through the seasons. It starts out as a fall home maybe then goes into winter and spring and kids can have a lot of fun with open ended play and hands on play with this set. Now next up is something that makes screen time more playful, this is the 2015 Law Detect play collection its a series of mice, and as you can see they have fun designs and patterns and faces and also these are really easy for kids to hold on to and navigate. Now we know that story time is really fun and kids love it and its also really good for reading development. That's why this Storytime Theater is really cool. It literally brings their kids story to life by projecting them onto the wall, you just put the character on the tablet and it unlocks the story and kids can read to themselves or they can have the narrator read to them and there's also a bedtime mode as well for nighttime story reading. Now the next thing is for kids and girls specifically who love imaginary play. This is Flipsies playset by Vtech, it's a two in one playset, it's a house and an ocean cruiser. It flips up and it can be two in one. She gets to go around in her ocean cruiser and interactive and talks to her as well. Now girls love accessorizing their things and this is the latest trend. It's called, HipFits. It's a series of dresses that girls can collect and put on their backpacks and lunchboxes. And last but not least for all those budding programers we've got Ozobot. Programming is the skill for kids to have now. Ozobot is a programmable little robot that follows along the drawings your kids make, it will follow the path, or if you download the Ozoapp and you can do all kinds of fun things with that. So for all the information on all these great toys, go to

Jason Lee:
Wow, Meredith, great stuff there, thanks for joining us, we appreciate it and Eye Opener continues.

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