17 times the Papal Visit was totally Philly

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1. That time someone made an amazing Vine of the Pope as “Rocky.”  #YoAdrianWeDidIt

2.  That time a rainbow appeared over the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul while the Pope held mass.

3. That time a Philly marketing company invented a Pope Toaster.

4. That time Langhorne Philly Pretzels made this Philly Pope Pretzel.

5. That time Philadelphia Brewing Company found a name so perfect for their Pope inspired craft brew, "Holy Wooder," that they even served it in a seminary.  #WeSayWooderNotWater

6. That time the Upper Darby Police tweeted about letting warrants go. #JustKidding #TurnYourselvesIn

7.  That time someone wore a Phillies hat to a really fancy mass. #PrayForThePhillies

8. That time a woman in South Jersey figured out what we were supposed to do with those Pope Pizza boxes.

9. That time Philadelphians that live inside the "Pope Zone" put their TVs outside so people waiting in long lines could see the broadcast.

10. EVERY time people outside of Philadelphia made the same old, lazy, tired, "Philly is Terrible" jokes. #PhillyWasAmazingThisWeekend

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 10.15.39 AM

11. That time the New Jersey and Pennsylvania State Police worked together to bring a woman to her "miracle kidney" amidst road closures and Papal hysteria.

12. That time the Jesuit Pope stopped, unannounced, at Philly's Jesuit Catholic University. #StJoes

13. That time the Philadelphia Police Department acted quickly and took a tent that was obscuring views into custody. #TaTaTent

14. That time a Philadelphia suburb plush doll makers "Pope Doll" made Pope Francis smile.

15. That time the Philadelphia Museum of Art installed a version of our LOVE statue that Pope Francis would be more familiar with.  #AMOR

16.That time Mark Wahlberg was able to slip in a "Go Eagles" in front of the Pope. #Invincible.

17. That time Mayor Nutter "s-bombed" at a Press Conference blaming the local media for "Scaring the S--t" out of people just hours after the Pope's amazing weekend in Philadelphia had ended. #TooSoon

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 10.31.39 AM

"Jawnarable" Mention:  Because this list needs the word "jawn" in it.  #Jawn316

Got one we missed ? Send it our way, we'd love to see.

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