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When it turns to anything tech  the man we turn to Mario Armstrong. Mario good morning. What do you have for us?

Mario Armstrong.
Good morning Jason. Always good to talk to you and to the Philadelphia viewers out there. I got some great stuff for you. Going start off first with the slingbox M2 this is amazing. This is the best bang for your buck. Basically this little device connects to your TV and to your internet connection at home and it enables you to control your television no matter where you are. You can control you cable or satellite channels live or recorded. You can access live on demand content so you can watch anything on your tablets phones or laptops anywhere. So if you are traveling and you can`t get the Philadelphia eagles game then you can pull up the slingbox and be able to watch the eagles game wherever you are. This is an awesome thing. No monthly fees. You just pay for the one box and connect it. So that`s awesome. The other thing that is really cool Jason is live texting. Live texting with Yahoo is amazing it is a free download on apple and android and its free to text on this as well. Basically it is face to face live video texting. If you like to text a lot this is going to take up a whole next notch. Check out live texts. For those of you who watch movies on your tablet or listen to music I got the greatest speaker in the world for you the UE boom 2. I love the new colors but most importantly but I love that it is 25 percent more louder now. Plus they are weather proof and water proof mud proof snow proof. I`ve taken it to beach. Its gotten wet. These things are incredibly durable. If you are losing your keys or misplacing things all of the time I got the perfect app for you. Its 25 bucks and its called tile. Tile is a device that you attach to whatever device that you don`t want to lose. It will ring loudly when you want to try and find it. For example your phone to find your keys. Your keys can also find your phone. It`s a blue tooth tracker so I put it in my kids back pack my wife puts it in her purse and other things as well. Two more to go. Power is important you got to have power for all of your devices. The leader is mophie. With the mophie juice pack reserve for your iphone. 60 percent extra battery that you will get for only 60 bucks. Head to mophie dot com for that and gazelle dot com is great for all of your upgrading. You can buy devices on gazelle dot com up to 40 percent off and you can also sell your older devices to anything new. So all of these things can hook you up Jason and hook up all of our Philadelphia viewers out there with something good that can be useful for them. Everything I talked about is on our website. Funk news dot com slash fall tech .

Jason lee
As always. thanks so much for being with us. We appreciate it. Eye opener continues.

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