Bleacher Creatures Pope Francis Plush Doll

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Pope Francis merchandise is all over the city from t-shirts designs to local eateries adding a Papal treat, but one local company in Plymouth Meeting teamed up the World Meeting Families with their Pope Francis plush doll.

“The Pope Doll has made Bleacher Creatures into a household name,” Micah Levy said, director of sales and marketing at Bleacher Creatures.

Since March, Bleacher Creatures 10 inch Pope Francis plush doll has been flying off the shelves.

“Sales have been amazing. Its one of the top selling bleacher creatures. We booked and sold about 50,000. We only have a few thousand left before the event and we expect them to go really soon,” said Matthew Hoffman, president and CEO of Bleacher Creatures.

President Matthew Hoffman and his Bleacher Creature team heard feedback from hundreds of people on social media and they even received an endorsement from someone high in the ranks of City Hall.

“When Michael Nutter is holding that doll and he says hey I went to catholic school and I am getting one of these for my mom its awesome to get that type of endorsement from somebody we really respect that really embodies Philadelphia…this is what its all about,” Hoffman said.

The success of the Pope doll has put president Matthew Hoffman and his Bleacher Creature team on a national retail platform.

“The recognition of the Pope bleacher creature has really opened up our brand to a new set of consumers that are really learning about what we do our unique plush figures. It’s just taking us to another level in regards to recognition. It’s awesome!,” Hoffman said.

This piece aired on September 5th on the "In Focus Papal Show with Steve Highsmith"

By:David Grzybowski/ PHL17

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