Fall Beauty Buys

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ZL: Good morning Bahar thank you so much for joining us. You know, I was thinking those temperatures are going down at night which means one thing, fall is right around the corner and I hear you have a fall survival kit for us.

Bahar Takhtehchian:
That's right Zach, yeah, temperatures are starting to dip and fall is right around the corner which means the weather is unpredictable one minute you're hot the next minute you're cold. When it turns out to be this way I think it's really important to find a good deodorant that will keep up with the temperature shifts and Dove has something called Advanced Care Antiperspirant and Deodorant and what's great is it provides 48 hours of wetness and odor protection and it has moisturizing ingredients that help to give you softer, smoother underarms. You can get this in about 13 different fragrances and they even have some fall fragrances.

Now speaking of fall, laundry is something you do year round but this fall I'm excited that there is a new product called Persil Proclean 2 in 1 Power. This is a laundry detergent that's been available in Europe for a long time and it's finally available here in the U.S. in fact Consumer Reports just rated this as the best detergent they have ever tested which is a very big deal. It actually beat Tide which has had that spot for many years so it's got great stain fighting technology it helps to whiten your clothes right now you can get this at Walmart stores and soon it will be expanding into other retailers.

Now finally because it's fall, you really have to take care of your health from the inside and out. It's a good time to consider taking some supplements. Rainbow Light is a company that has a vast line of supplements they have everything from something called Counter Attack which really helps to boost your immunity because it has vitamins C and Zinc. They have something called Zen Therapy which is a supplement that helps improve your mood, gives you a calming and relaxing feeling. And they even have a supplement that is called Pain-Eze this is really great for people who are really active and they're exercising and they may be experiencing muscle pains and muscle aches from again, exercise or overuse. You take this supplement and it's got a great herbal blend that can help kind of ease those pains. You can get these at Whole Foods or The Vitamin Shope.

ZL: As Always, thank you very much Bahar. Eye Opener continues.

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