Ron Perlman “Hand of God” Premiere

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Jason Lee: Ron, good morning great to talk with you tell us about Hand of God.
Ron Perlman: Hand of God is an Amazon original for Amazon Prime members debuts September 4th 10 episodes it's rock'em sock'em high stakes drama baby.
Jason Lee: *Laughs* Now your character sounds very interesting and very entertaining tell me about him.
Ron Perlman: Well, he's very interesting and i certainly hope he's entertaining, we'll find out like September 5th maybe. Um, but he is a judge he is in a position of power, every street in this fictional town of San Vicente he kind of resides over is either named for his father, his grand father, his great grand father so he's a man of privileged who finds himself emotionally compromised his son is in a coma having made an attempt on his own life and the judge is struggling with what he can do to effect the outcome of this horrific situation.
Jason Lee: Where and when can we watch the show?
Ron Perlman: Ah, it streams it's a streaming show this new wave of streaming all new to a guy like me who's real old school and have a dial up telephone but yes you, you just simply get yourself an Amazon Prime membership and you are eligible to watch not only our show, but all of these other magnificent shows on Amazon magnificent programming.
Jason Lee: Alright, Ron Perlman lots of luck with the show, thanks so much for being with us and Eye Opener continues.